Skyla 2-Row Hematite Crystal Hoop Earrings

Skyla 2-Row Hematite Crystal Hoop Earrings

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6 MONTH GUARANTEE – Never Lose a Crystal!

Our Brand New Infinity Collection is a trend setting collection designed with resin set crystals to emit shimmering shine and comfort. 

The Skyla Hematite Crystal Big Hoop Earrings are finished with Natalie’s Secret Overlay Formula which is applied over the crystals as a finishing touch, ensuring the crystals never come out. We’re so confident, you get a 6 Month Guarantee on this collection! This range is hypo-allergenic, so no irritation on the skin!

Sophisticated and elegant, these hoop earrings will elevate every occasion. Wear independently, or get the full hematite crystal set from the collection! 

Shop our full Infinity Collection - Ladies jewelry necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. 

SIZE: Diameter: 2.5" W: 0.5"