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I LOVE all the new years resolutions!

I don't find it cliche, boring or monotonous. Self reflecting and self assessing is key to growth! So whether you do it on the 1st of January, your Birthday or Christmas - chose that day that you will start working on a better you! I use New Years to work on something I have learned, a personal change, This Year - 2019: I will be more mindful on people, situations and battles that are worth my precious energy.

Deep down my soul tells me something's I can't change and I try and try anyway, knowing it is out of my hands - and the only thing that is happening is I am sacrificing my energy on what needs me more! Energy is The Most valuable, without it we can not operate.

I chose to use it more carefully 💫🙏 and no longer drain my battery on what I can't control!

What is your new years resolution?

Natalie Xxx

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