About Us

Our Brand

  • Natalie Mills is a leading ladies fashion, jewelry, and accessory brand – styling women globally with a “Luxury for Less” concept.

    We pride ourselves as trend setters and styles leaders in fashion, incorporating our signature design elements into all our collections. Our team of brilliant designers have incorporated many unique fashionable elements into each and every piece – encapsulating the uniqueness of our brand! Our vast collection of jewelry, hats, visors, bags & purses, face masks, foot wear and head wear encompass all design styles – offering the perfect accessory to make you sparkle and feel fabulous. 

    We aim to offer our clients must-have pieces for every occasion at an attainable price point. Each season, we create awe-inspiring styles with the latest color palates and trends. Our unique designs are inspired to create intrigue and conversation and mirror the uniqueness we all embody. There is always more than meets the eye and this profound message is articulated into all of our fashionable collections! All our pieces come exquisitely packaged, making Natalie Mills - the perfect gift!

    Natalie XOXO

Our Journey

I was born in Johannesburg, South Africa to very humble beginnings! From a young age, I was always so passionate about fashion – known as the “Bling Queen”, orchestrating fashion shows with my cousins, making Jewelry items as best a 7 year old can and making extra cents to buy more paints – it was a true calling to go into design! With no tertiary education and going right into work after school, I really had a modest salary and could not afford any expensive Jewelry! The Jewelry I bought at the markets would just fall apart and THIS is where I found a gap in the market – to offer quality Jewelry that wouldn’t break the bank… Natalie Mills was BORN and the rest is history!

  • Born in South Africa to humble beginnings, I have always had a love for bling & fashion! Having fun with my cousins for an infamous "Natalie Mills Fashion Show"

  • During family vacations, I would collect sea shells and string them together to make Jewelry & sell them to my neighbors! Born Entrepreneur from the Start!

  • My love for Fashion & Jewelry carried on through school! I was always known as the *Bling Girl* - it was always in my path to move into Fashion!

  • After so many failures & obstacles, I was persistent to fill the gap of offering Affordable yet Quality pieces & in 2012 I officially launched my brand.

  • Filling the need of Women in Africa, my brand quickly became one of the fastest growing Jewelry & Accessory brands which guided the company to open our first stand-alone boutique store!

  • After the brand generated International Appeal - I strategically relocated company headquarters to the USA! This was our flight into Dallas with my sweet daughter - Tuscany!

  • It was ALWAYS my dream to present my brand on Live TV! From the Age of 4, I would tell my Mom I'll live in America and be on TV! My dream came true in 2019, when I debuted the brand on HSN!

  • With COVID devastating everyone globally, we quickly got to work to design a fashionable face mask! Our Destiny mask was named Best Selling Product for 2020!

Where it started

  • In 2011, I was adamant to eventually make those dreams a reality! This amazing journey started right here – a couple of bracelets and a make-shift stand! I had no brand, no strategy, and wasn’t sure of prices BUT I did have the Hard Work Ethic, The Passion, The Desire and The Never Give Up attitude to make this all into an operational Business! 

    I knew that there was a gap in the market, it was just a matter of figuring out how to fill it. Being resourceful is so critical to success! We are constantly evolving and figuring things out but have that confidence in yourself knowing that You WILL Figure it out – just believe in yourself! I HOPE my story encourages you to Never Give Up! YOU have so much potential and there is a reason God only made 1 of you, so Find IT – Embrace IT – Water IT daily & Excel! Nothing worth having comes easy! 

    Natalie XOXO

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer affordable glamour, sophistication, and style while giving back to those less fortunate through our “Natalie Gives Back” in-house initiative.

Our Motto

Our brand motto is Fashionable, Affordable, Quality! This is our 3 pillar strategy when we embark on new collections and designs.

Faith Based Company

  • As a Faith-Based, Kingdom Company - we Glorify God in all our works and in all we do. Christian values are the core of our business and are what we stand for. Integrity and Honesty are at the forefront of our business and we run Natalie Mills with Diligence and Consistency. 

    We understand that we are continuously changing and we open our minds to continuous learning and constant improvement as the Holy Spirit leads us. We pray to honor HIS ways in patience and perseverance, and maintaining discipline and self control in our days. 

    We value and appreciate ALL our customers, friends, suppliers and colleagues and honor to treat everyone with A Culture of Kindness as the Lord commands.

Behind the Scenes

A sneak peak into all of our behind the scenes efforts! From designing all the way to packaging, we find great joy in the process!

  • Sketch, Design, and Conceptualize new products!

  • Conceptualize new products! 

    Team meetings to brainstorm marketing and creative direction!

  • Devoted care goes into our packing - ensuring quality control and customer care!

  • GIVE THANKS! I pray over all our products and shipments. I pray over all the people they reach and for open minds to Inspire Kindness!