Only Through YOU is This Possible

  • Thank You!

    My passion and drive for business is matched only by my passion to give back! Kindness is the ONLY currency that is doubled when shared. At Natalie Mills we encourage a Culture of Kindness through our Natalie Gives Back program!

    Natalie Gives Back is an in-house initiative, focusing on my philanthropic causes - where we are determined to bring relief to those in need. Only through YOU is this possible and thank YOU for the difference you are making!

A Meal A Purchase to South African Children ❤️

  • As a South African, I was first-hand witness to the injustice and hardships South Africans battle each day and I am determined to bring relief to those less fortunate. 

    Education is paramount to future generations. I firmly believe that reading fosters curiosity, imagination, creativity and ultimately, academic success. However, it's very hard to teach a hungry child.

    For each Natalie Mills purchase, TOGETHER we donate a nutritious meal to an orphaned and at-risk school child in townships and rural areas.

Initiatives We Support

  • World Hunger

    World Hunger

  • Education


  • The Unexpected

    The Unexpected

  • Mental Health

    Mental Health