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Natalie Mills was born in Johannesburg South Africa to humble beginnings. Today Natalie is a passionate mother, wife, entrepreneur and a catalyst for empowering women in the workplace

From a young age, Natalie had a special love for jewelry. She would collect sea shells during family vacations and pierce holes into them. Then Natalie would thread the shells with string to create bangles and necklaces to sell to her classmates and neighbors. A passionate entrepreneur was born!

Natalie loved to accessorize. She would often wear jewelry, but on a modest salary she could only afford costume jewelry which would break and fall apart. Higher quality jewelry came with a much higher price tag, and Natalie noticed a gap in the middle market for affordable, yet quality jewelry. A brand was born!

Natalie launched Crystal Creations by Natalie Mills in 2012 which fast become an aspirational yet accessible women’s jewelry brand. The launch showcased her design talents and quickly became a must-have brand that is now sold in most major department and jewelry stores across South Africa. The success of the designs and growth of her business, led to opening standalone retail boutique to offer a loyal customer base more variety and a fairytale shopping experience

After Crystal Creations by Natalie Mills created international appeal, in 2017 the company was strategically rebranded to Natalie Mills. With global potential for the brand and a never give up attitude, Natalie moved from South Africa to the USA. She was ready to launch her namesake brand in the world’s leading jewelry market and create a better future for her family. A new brand was born!

our mission

To accessorize women with affordable glamour, sophistication and style while giving back to those less fortunate through our Natalie Gives Back program.

our promise

We are jewelry trend-setters who design awe-inspiring styles each season. The Natalie Mills team of brilliant designers incorporate unique, fashionable elements into our collection, including resin and pave set crystals, a variety of colors and settings and fashionable plating tones. We design jewelry that others aspire to and you can afford!

Natalie Gives B ck

Only through YOU is this possible!

My passion and drive for business is only matched by my passion to give back! As a South African, I was first-hand witness to the injustice and hardships South African battle each day and I am determined to bring relief to those less fortunate. Education is paramount to future generations. I firmly believe that reading fosters curiosity, imagination, creativity and ultimately, academic success. However, its very hard to teach a hungry child

So, for each Natalie Mills purchase, together we donate a nutritious meal to an orphaned and at-risk school child in townships and rural areas.

Only through you is this possible and thank you for the difference you are making!

With Passion


I believe the key to economic growth, social transformation and political stability is empowering women. I am a passionate advocate to this critical endeavour.  

Women’s empowerment is a process of increasing the capacity of women to make choices and transform these choices into desired actions! Through the process, women become an agent of change, changing from the “I Can Not” to “I Can!”

So many women want to change their career, income, and personal development, which is a bi-product of physical, mental & habitual behaviour. In order to change, women need to discover Who they are and become more self-aware.

I am a passionate advocate and catalyst for women empowerment and a voice in a call to action, to support women in self-actualizing their inner power. I truly believe the next generation of Women leaders and changemakers will transform our world. I hope my story inspires you to know that the only limits are those we impose upon ourselves and women are Super Powers.

Our Design Inspiration

Fashionable, affordable, quality! This is our brand promise and the foundation in which we embark on a new collection of designs.

Each season, we create awe-inspiring styles with the latest color palates and trends. Our unique designs are inspired to create intrigue and conversation and mirror the uniqueness we all embody. There is always more than meets the eye and this profound message is articulated into all of our fashionable collections!

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