Miranda Black & White Crystal Bracelet

Miranda Black & White Crystal Bracelet

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6 MONTH GUARANTEE – Never Lose a Crystal!

Our Brand New Infinity Collection is a trend setting collection designed with resin set crystals to emit shimmering shine and comfort. 

The Miranda Black & White Gold Crystal Bracelet is finished with Natalie’s Secret Overlay Formula which is applied over the crystals as a finishing touch, ensuring the crystals never come out. We’re so confident, you get a 6 Month Guarantee on this collection! This range is hypo-allergenic, so no irritation on the skin!

Sophisticated and elegant, this bracelet will elevate every occasion. Wear these independantly, or get the entire black & white set from the collection! 

Shop our full Infinity Collection - Ladies jewelry necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. 

SIZE: Diameter: 2.5' W: 0.5' D: .8'